In 2016, the meteor shower meteor shower Aljabbaraat be visible from October 2 to November 7 and is expected to peak rain in the night and the morning of 20 October 21 October.SHAWER NIGHT

When I can see Oriónidas?

Oriónidas tend to be active every year in the month of October, usually peaking throughout October 20. At its peak, up to 20 meteors visible per hour.

The best time to see the meteor shower Aljabbaraat is just after midnight and before dawn.

Sunrise and sunset in the cities

Draconid also high in October, usually around August 7 or October

Halley’s comet dust

Aljabbaraat meteor shower meteor shower is one of two meteor showers created by debris of Halley’s Comet that. ATA Aldloyat May is the second falling meteors debris created by Halley’s Comet points.

Haley takes about 76 years to make a complete revolution around the sun, and one will be the next target visible from the ground in 2061.

Where can I see Oriónidas?

Oriónidas called because the meteors appear to radiate from the constellation Gemini, or appearing.

A quarter of the moon and this rain of meteors easily see both the north and south. While you can easily see a shooting star, which seems so, the following table shows the exact address of the Oriónidas from the site.SHAWER NIGHT

Site in the sky tonight

Note: The following table changes every day to show the coming of the night site

Aljabbaraat meteor shower meteor shower Bahawalpur (night between October 21 and October 22)

Time azimuth / elevation title

Friday 22:00 73 ° east and northeast 0.4 degrees

Friday 23:00 to 80 degrees east longitude 12.7 °

Saturday 00:00 87 degrees east longitude 25.7 °

01:00 Saturday 94 degrees east longitude 38.8 °

Saturday 2:00 104 degrees between the east and the south-east 51.7 °

Saturday 03:00 118 ° east and southeast 64.0 °

Saturday 4:00 150 degrees south southeast 73.6 °

Sat 05:00 204 ° south and southwest of 74.4 °

Oriónida address to see in the sky:

Azimuth is the direction, based on the true north; the compass can show slightly different value.

The rise is the increase in degrees above the horizon.

Set your site

How do you see meteor showers?

Check the weather: meteors or shooting stars, are easy to spot, all you need is a clear sky and a pair of eyes.

Leave the city: Find a place far away as possible from the artificial lights

Prepare to wait: Bring something to sit or lie on. Stars are waiting game, until you feel comfortable.

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