Maisie Williams’ nude photos leaked: “Game of Thrones actress” speaks!
London awards pm British Standard Film – red carpet arrivals has been leaked Maisie Williams “topless photos online. Reportedlty images stolen from” Game Thrones “account means your social media actress,” which has been breached.
MAISIEMaisie Williams sure has a lot of social media, which saw all the posts and pictures she has posted on the Internet. But the latest images from the “Game Thrones” actress circulating in social media certainly shocked the online world. The topless photos Maisie, spread like wildfire in social media.

It was said that these images to be topless shots of Maisie, aged 19 years and which was stolen from the account of social media to penetrate her. Universal reports that the images captured just published from the private sector on a social media account.

The two pictures, according to the report, was filmed while Maisie relaxing and having fun with her friends in Japan, where “Game Thrones” actress had a vacation at a spa. According to entertainment news website also that the actress originally went to Japan to support marine life such as dolphins, which are being caught and treated incorrectly in dolphin shows.

According to the daily the elite, and share photos topless Maisie initially by hackers to a friend before they spread to other social media platforms. After the photos that leaked on the Internet, and the reaction was Maisie accuracy before posting tweets on social media, which says: “yob, frast, nunt”, which was derived from the clear from the film “Easy A”

According to entertainment news site that “got” the actress had published a tweet as a message to the pirates to her, since the focus of the film about the defamation citizenship. At the same time, Maisie is not the only Hollywood that have nude photos hacked and leaked on social media for the public to enjoy the view, based on the report of Hollywood gossip and actress. The “Hunger Games” star Jennifer Lawrence also have private pictures stolen from her e-mail personal account. These images have been leaked on the Internet in 2014.
Rihanna also fell victim to the same hacker named Ryan Collins, who now faces a sentence of 18 months in prison.

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