We give idea for few business that take small investment but give large profit for you, read and move with full confidence and spent your life more luxery.

Agarbatti manufacturing business

Anyone can start an Agarbatti manufacturing business on a limited scale or on a large scale basis. Agarbatti are household goods and the domestic market has great potential. The burning of incense in the agarbatti, religious and social functions, and was practiced in India from the earliest times. If you can build your brand, Agarbatti is definitely a low investment and high performance business in India.

 2. Make the ball pen recharge

He developed eyeliner pencil problems related to writing the fountain pen. And the use of a variety of raw materials for the manufacture of ink pen components, ink, recharge including metals, plastics and other chemicals. This opportunity can begin to manufacture base on a small scale.

3 candles

Aromatic candle decoration has a large market. Use this gift item as well. Sailing doing business can be small start-up and part-time. This is one of the most cost-effective little business ideas in the field and for business women as well.

4.custom jewelry

This is a multimillion dollar industry now. It attracts women of all ages. The best reasons for its popularity is the low price with a very attractive look. You can start selling jewelry and household linen. You can sell your own online store. With technological innovation, it is very easy now.

 5. designer doing Rabat

With the knowledge of knit lace information, you can start any action this one from the location of the house with a small capital to start working. Nowadays we can find different types of lace making machines. Unit lace trading decisions can create these machines. Lace is designed to have a very good demand on the market, a key element in the materials of the designer clothing.

 6. Exercise book

Exercise book manufacturing process is simple and it is possible to start any this business with a relatively low capital.The demand book as an exercise for the element of office and school material is to increase profit. According to the request, several different devices are available.

 7. Flex Printing

Felix Most flags are the basic elements of outdoor advertising these days. Can any successful start to double trade printing with a small capital investment. You can start printing Flex banner business in two ways. In all cases, you should have a flex printing business on your hand report.

8. making fruit candy

Caramel, fruits and fruit products are delicious and nutritious bar. Simple manufacturing process. Commercial and manufacturing is a very profitable business. In addition, fruits are only available on a seasonal basis. Consequently, various types of fruit products made with added value are a commercial success.

9. ginger and making garlic paste

It uses ginger and garlic paste mainly as seasoning in various food preparation and as carminative it also serves as a stomach tonic in many pharmaceuticals. As instant blends and spices are becoming more popular, increasing demand for ginger and garlic pasta is also increasing. Simple production process and the product has a tremendous market opportunity also for export.

 10. Jelly Jam Decisions

Jelly jam-making business can start from home. As your business grows, there are ranges to add a similar production line, and turn your project into the comfortable course. Jelly jam-making business requires regular mechanisms and utensils. This is an article of food consumption and has a very good demand in the market.

 11. jute bag that makes

Jute is an environmentally friendly biodegradable clause. Badly designed jute has demand in the market is very good, and the possibility of exporting too. By having a simple mechanism, you can proceed to the jute bags manufacturing unit at the location of your home as well. Character environmentally friendly, demand for jute yarn and jute, jute and other fabrics is a very rapid increase of the rise.

.12-Business cabin 

Kiosks are a specific form of low investment and business models selling high profitability. You can start with a business start this capital is relatively small. However, choosing the right space and the right products can be obtained in the most imp

13.Manufacturing  Macaroni

Maine food or pasta is one of the most popular food and light food items in India. Poetic process of making it simple. You can either start this small business with investment capital to start.

14. Perfumes Online

To start your own online business store your own fragrance definitely needs to have e-commerce site. When the software, and will do all the work for the creation of online perfume shop, and it will be very easy to start a perfume store business online with very small capital investment. Financially most important aspects do not have to pay any of the commercial space costs.

 15- online store

T-shirt is casual wear, known all over the world. It is popular with men, women and children as well. Yes, there are a lot of t-shirt brands on the market. People are always looking for a nice design, cherishable brand, and product quality. This is enough. At the beginning of t-shirt online business, you definitely need to have e-commerce site where customers and buy your t-shirts. WithShopify, you can start your own online business t-shirt through the creation of a fully functioning e-commerce store with much less capital.

 16. The production of organic fertilizers

Dung or fertilizer compost is one of the most important agricultural inputs. However, the business does not require a large capital investment to start. However, you have the skill and knowledge of how to produce compost.

 17. Manufacturing paneer

Basically, Paneer is a fresh cheese. An un-aged, acid-set cheese that does not melt farmer’s cheese or yogurt. In general, almost paneer is famous in Asia and the Pacific, such as India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan, countries, etc.

 18- paper bag of decisions

Paper bag or paper bag is preformed container made of paper. And it usually comes with a slot at one end. It could be a paper or multilayer paper, cardboard and other layer of soft material. Paper used for packaging and / or transporting bags. It is just the same packaging design, paper bags and is intended to show all the glory of the product inside. Therefore, its design has to stand out. This is one of the most creative business manufacturing ideas with a low investment of higher yield.

19. Make a paper cup

You can start with little business this capital investment. The demand for the product is increasing this increase day after day. The role of cup-making work is one of this opportunity in making the most lucrative in small-scale India. It can be made from recycled paper, and is widely used throughout the country.

 20- making pickles

Gherkin and Sauce, a traditional food ingredient in India. There are different types of various pickles can be found in the country. Gherkin make the process simple. No one can start this business from their place. In addition, the business opportunity for brine-making is very lucrative for women entrepreneurs.

21.producing plastic toothpicks

Last concept of a small business with high return low investment. This is a consumer item. The product has good potential in the market. Production of the house can begin. Start selling locally. Simple manufacturing process. The cost of the machine itself is less present. They are readily available raw materials.

 22- making popcorn

Popcorn is a popular snack item among all age groups of the population. Also, this is a healthy snack item. Popcorn popcorn is a type of corn that explodes from the heart and blows up after warming up. However, there are special varieties of popcorn and this gives a better performance.

 23. preschool

Kindergartens in general provide early education and care for children between the ages of three and six. However, there are some may have a license to take children from two years of age. Orchards are community hubs warm and welcoming for children.

 24. take of Rakhi

He’s coming to the Rakhi season. It is a very popular seasonal product in India. Nearly all Indian women tie Rakhi on the wrist of their brother. Rakhi machines do business does not require expensive. Just get some tools and equipment. Start selling locally.

25- Rubber Stamp Making

Rubber stamp-making business, earnings wise, you have a very good chance of earning income. You can start in the business as a home. A relatively small capital investment business for start-up demands. Simple manufacturing process. There are different types of polymers and rubber seals have become popular today. Start selling locally. Read more …

26. Making Badminton

It is a low investment high return last business that you can start from home. However, you should have enough room for it. Badminton is a key element in playing badminton. The good quality steering wheel Comes with 16 pieces of good quality feathers of wood and cork. In addition, the manufacturing process is very simple.

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