There’s nothing like seeing them in person. Bellagio fountains were destined to romance your senses. Enjoying a stunning view of the water, music and light, tangled, and aims to fascinate fans. Is the most ambitious and complex water complex ever conceived and absolutely free for any visitor. Step back, or find a comfortable perch to sit and watch the dynamic performance set forth in the background of the sky lavender in Las Vegas. FOUNTAIN SHOW-NEWSTOP7.COMEach performance is unique in the expression and interpretation of it does not matter how many times you’ve seen the sources, always in stock to wow you. Fall in love with this achievement is unprecedented in the water while enjoying a delicious concert of opera, classical, Broadway and pop melodies.

When thinking about the many romantic places in Paris or Rome or London or Madrid, fountains come to mind immediately. Bellagio sources express the romantic spirit of the resort. As a result of cooperation with the design WET is the most ambitious to imagine water feature ever in terms of dancing rhythmic complexity and size.

In Bellagio, more than a thousand fountains dance in front of the hotel, and enhanced the music and light. Screen stretches 1,000 feet with water up to 460 feet in the air.

It has been selected a wide range of musical acts to appear fountain, from classical pieces and popular music and opera to Broadway songs. And invited designers, musicians and performance artists choreograph the sources of these different musical selections. The result is a rich and dynamic presentations in the water group, each expressive in its interpretation. And performances ranging from delicate and whimsical and big leader.

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