A history of violence” is a tense and worrisome drama about the past (or past) of a man who has torn his family’s fabric and risked their safety and the safety of the small community in which they live. A story that answers the question: “Is it or not?” A is clearly noticeable and satisfactory. This is director David Cronenberg (Dead Ringer) at its best.

The history of violence is a difficult story to identify. I found myself rolling in my head for a while trying to figure out the shape of his story. The difficulty comes from the rich history that the film provides. It took me some time to determine how much was part of the story model and what was interesting but not narrative is necessary. After several failed attempts, I finally found a narrative form that fits both the “feel” and “logic” of the history.


Here is it’s trailer–



Tom Stahl (MC) is a man with a “history of violence” (MC anxiety of the past), although at a time when this history is not known to his family and a small community in Indiana where he begins to begin. Status).

Two serial killers enter a cafe of their size and threaten to kill their customers (Story Driver Action). While employers are freezing and fear workers, Tom casts hot coffee into one of the killers (Tomo conditioning against instinct), grabbing one of the guns and killing both men (MC addressing and eh and one MC capacity). Against his wishes, he becomes a hero of the city and make national news.

Tom sees all the fuss as a serious problem for him (MC symptoms change) and wants things to normal (MC inertia response). Unfortunately, it does not recognize a bad reputation by Carl Fujarty, a man made from the Philadelphia crime family.

Vogarty, backed by followers, comes to the city and confronts Tom saying that Tom is actually Joy Kuzak Phillie (MC perception problem). Tom says there must be a misunderstanding (OS anxiety understanding) but this does not fly with Fogarty. So begin a lot of speculation about the real identity and behavior of Tom (OS speculative problem) causing problems in the town of Tom, for your child in school, even within the family. Tom’s wife, Eddie, is heavily dependent on her man but is not secretly reassured by some of the things Fogarty says (IC problem speculation).

Questions about Tom’s real dynasty identity were placed on her marriage to Eddie. Working to reject Eide concerns (RS domain of manipulation), but cracks still in their growth relationship.

When Vogarty catches Tom and Jack’s son, and progresses to leave if Phillie is back with Tom Fogarty, all hell breaks loose. Tom Fogarty kills everyone except before he was shot in the shoulder. Jack Mata Vogarty Vogarty before he gets a chance to kill his father (the story of the driver of work).

Eddie is excited after seeing the slaughter in the front garden (IC anxiety of memories). Evidence is mounting against her husband (IC issuing evidence against suspicion). They fight with Tom while things fall apart. “Who will do this to me, Eddie Eddie Kozak or Kozak? And your children?” (RS number of feeling against self.

In the end Tom is kidnapped and taken to Philadelphia where he reveals that he is actually Joey Kozak, the brother of gang leader Ritchie Kozak. There we discover that Richie is under contract with Tom / Joey and wanted his younger brother to die since Tom / Joy was a kid (goal story understanding). While the bully is trying to garrotearlo, Tom / Joey returns to his killer instincts and ends with his brother and other thugs. Tom / Joey washed in his brother’s lake forever redeem “Joy” (MC decision packets result of success).

Tom returns home, not sure of his welcome. His family sits on the table. His wife sees it, but do not call him to the table (torque change IC), but their children put their place and provide food after sitting. It is Tom who is at home, but his ideal life (the history of Malo) is divided.

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