I woke up excited. This was a special day. It was my birthday and I am sure I will receive many wishes and gifts this year. I left my bed and ran to my bathroom to wear my clothes in the best possible way. He wore the beautiful dress she bought specially for the day. I put sparkling jewelry, put a little make-up, put on my hair and went down for breakfast.
My mother was in the kitchen. She smiled brightly, hoping she wanted me and hugged me. But my smile faded when my mother started laughing. I was confused. I asked what the problem was. Controlling laughter, he managed to answer, which sounded something like, “Why wear it early in the morning? Are you okay?”

I started wondering what was wrong with it, and my fears grew even more when I suddenly stopped laughing. With a face worried that he approached me. He gave me two taps on the cheek and asked, “Honey, is it sonambulando?”

I wanted to explode with anger. I wanted to scream. I wanted to tell him he was wearing it because it was my birthday! But then, something caught my eye. I said to myself, is it okay Mom? I had no idea what to say. I just said I would be back, then I went to my room.

I turned into a casual dress and just as I was about to start mourning and his head buried in a pillow, my mother came. It seemed more composed. She told me she regrets her behavior on the ground floor, she just can not control it. She gave me a hug and took me downstairs for breakfast. She breathed a sigh of relief. I realized there was something wrong with it. I had completely forgotten my birthday. I decided not to tell her myself.

A few moments later, my brother and father came for breakfast too. I gave them all the same glamorous smile, but fainted instantly when none of them wanted me. I thought they were planning a surprise birthday party for me, which is why none of them wanted me. I was thrilled and I love surprise birthday parties.

Throughout the day, I was in my room so my family could easily prepare for my party. I kept saying every second pass impatiently. Log on to the internet, and find one birthday wish or a card in the mail. I was more enthusiastic. I have imagined gifts that I could get from this year when my mom came to my room and said to me: “Why are you stuck in your room from the morning I’m worried Are you upset or something?!?

I smiled and told him I was fine and I just wanted a little time for me today. She smiled and left.

At night, my mother came to me and told me he was going home from his friend and if I wanted to come too. I knew I was trying to fool me and just wanted to wear my clothes for the party. I answered him affirmatively and began to dress. He carried his breath as he left my room, getting ready for our house decorated with balloons and strips. I closed my eyes and left my room. Then I opened my eyes and …

What? Looking home just as it always has! No balloons? Without tapes? Without friends? Is not any party?

I was wondering what I was really surprised because my mom took me to her friend’s place. On the way home, I was wondering if we were going to go to a place for my party, but they were not. On our way back, I now thought to find my friends in my house. But I was disappointed again! Unfortunately, I went back to my room. It was late and no one wanted me. That was shattered because everyone had forgotten my birthday.

She was crying when my mother came to my room. Seeing me as a mournful, anxious, asked me what was in question. I said I was upset because everyone had forgotten about my birthday, and now the day was almost over. My mother smiled like she was controlling her laughter and politely told me that November 29 and December 29 which is my real birth date!

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