A new game of Age of Empires, Age of Empires 4 is under development for the Windows 10 operating system, Microsoft Studios announced today.

The Age of Empires 4 will be the first true entry into the real-time strategy franchise since the Age of Empires III of 2005. The series began with the Age of Empires in 1997; the three main titles, including Age of Empires II were developed in 1999: Before the Stodios ensemble disappeared now.

Relic Entertainment, based in Vancouver, Canada, is a highly regarded developer of real-time strategy titles, having done several games at franchises such as Homeworld, Inc. Heroes and New Love 40,000: Albors of War.

Microsoft today also announced that the Age of Empires: the final edition, the forgotten empires 4K Remaster of the Age of Empires, 20, will be released October 19. It will be available exclusively in Windows 10 at Windows Store. Microsoft revealed the final edition during the PC Games presentation at E3.

In addition, Microsoft is working on updates to the final version of the Age of Empires 2 and the Age of Empires 3. The old game was already reissued in 2013 as the Age of Empires 2 HD, but the final edition mentioned for the original game seems to be more of a remake of Earth-follow than Remaster is simple.

It was a real-time strategy game that allowed users to form and expand the Roman Empire – and defeat other empires – and in later versions, the Middle Ages and the legendary Greek world and the North World

Bill no longer has much to do with Microsoft, the company that helped found, but during the session, the optimist admitted that he could return to the world of technology to restart the classic game.

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