Alan Colmes, a television station and radio first level, also co-hosted with conservative Sean Hannity of “Hannity and Colmes”, became known as a liberal in the “Lion” Fox News, died in a Manhattan hospital. He was 66 years old.

He said his wife, Jocelyn Elise Crowley, 22, died in late February or early February 23, and that the cause of lymphoma.

Mr. Colmes joined Fox News Channel at its founding in 1996, debuting with night Hannity channel aired for the first time. “Hannity and Colmes” became the most watched program channel, cable classifications second “O’Reilly Factor” Bill O’Reilly, beating “Larry King Live” on CNN, before Mr. Colmes left the show in 2008.

Mr. Colmes face, Hannity style that called for comparisons with the watchdog is expected. On the contrary, Mr. Colmes, stand-up comic at once, and it was more peaceful but no less convinced of his argument.

He left “Hannity and Colmes” he was “proud that both Sean and remained unharmed after sitting next to each other, night after night for many years.”

Reflecting on the couple’s odd they did, Robert Thompson, a student at Syracuse University TV and popular culture, he reflects that “we had a complete pairs of people who often disagree with each other – Siskel and Ebert comes to mind. Always depends carrying balance in this chemical equation.

“” Hannity and Colmes “was not one of these stocks,” continued Thompson, reminding usually Hannity frothing in the tradition of talk radio programs while Mr. Colmes tried to proffer the quietest arguments.

“Enjoy mismatch” Thompson said public from Fox News – Launch Night Mr. Colmes “wolves.”

He argued Mr. Colmes, a man and a national liberal self-proclaimed, and it was a flaw inherent in television, a place that often favors aggression rhetoric. Those who kept the account pointed out that it is often less than the words spoken per share that Hannity.

“I do not judge the effectiveness by me say a few words,” Holmes said in The Washington Post in 2003. “I think that liberals often see minute things differences …. conservatives tend to see things in black and white, and gives them an air of confidence and conviction It can make it more comfortable to watch. ”

Mr. Colmes suffered sharp criticism from the left, who saw it as Fox News liberal symbolic. Some critics considered a betrayal in his presence in the channel, which was founded by Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch, to counter what he sees as many conservatives as bias left in the other media.

And ensure that the harshest critics of Mr. Colmes Al Franken, comedian turned Democratic senator from Minnesota, who skewered Mr. Colmes in his book “Lies and liars liars who say: the right to a fair and balanced view” (2003). Mr. Colmes Franken ridiculed as the “punching bag in the air” Hannity and “solitary General Washington,” a reference to the eternal losers of the Harlem Globetrotters.

“Some liberals have a problem with me simply because I work in the Fox there is nothing to do short of storming set in a rage will respect them work there,” said Steve Young, in an interview with the Huffington Post.

“I feel very fortunate to have platforms that have both on television and the radio screen,” continued Holmes. “Even if everything they say about Fox detractors were true, more liberal than the liberals who want to get credit for being in the lion’s den positions.”

After he left Colmes “Hannity and Colmes” Hannity continued to offer the program as solo anchor. Mr. Colmes remained in the air when the set of “The Alan Colmes Show,” a joint radio show for Fox News and Fox News.

On the radio, I noticed the New York Times once, Mr. Colmes gave listeners Gunn, who wished him ill – and there was a shortage of them, easily recognized – with recordings of tunes such as “Put a little love in your heart” and “I can not love me.” .

Alan Colmes Samuel grandson of Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe, was born in Brooklyn on September 24, 1950. His father, cuddle, he managed jewelry stores with her mother. Mr. Colmes and grew up in Lynbrook, New York, a group of Long Island, about five kilometers from the birthplace of Hannity, who was 11 years old.

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