EA sports has launched it’s new video game named as FIFA 18.

Here are some salient features of FIFA 18..

FIFA 18 promises a variety of changes in the race mode mode. It remains to be seen how these campaigns will be great, but at least I am trying to offer something different. Now, you have to deal with¬† ”Diva-esque player egos” and make the face-to-face¬†decisions.


On the surface, the new Squad Habe may seem a casual change that will not radically change the way you play in the career mode.

Dig a bit deeper although it becomes clear that this is the thing that I should have done for years. Finally, all the details about the players can be found in one place.

Previously, you had to drag through several different lists to find basic information about the players. It was not a big hassle, but it’s good to have everything picked up completely in the center. Not all improvements need to be swept, which is proof. EA’s task should make the job situation easier, after all; spending less time on the menus is good.


Here are some features which make this game very special from other launched FIFA games launched by EA sports.


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