Food Administration:

Under the leadership of Herbert Hoover of the United States food, he used his corporation of grain, organized in accordance with the provisions of the Food Control Law of August 10, 1917, as an agency for the purchase and sale of food. Having made deals in the amount of $ 7 billion, it was made an obsolete armistice in Europe.FOOD ADMINISTRATION President Woodrow Wilson facilitated his transition to a new agency to support the reconstruction of Europe. It became the American Administration of Assistance, approved by the Law (Public, No. 274, 65th Congress) on February 25, 1919.

The administration of the food grain corporation became the grain corporation of the United States in accordance with Ordinance 3087 of May 14, 1919.


During the introduction, the United States is almost almost everything during their need. So that all citizens donate weapons, horses and ammunition to it to help supply the army with a little hope that these items were returned were asked. Rationing was made during this time of the national food needs for soldiers, as well as citizens, would not be a problem. Concepts such as “Lenten Monday” and “Wednesday without wheat” were also implemented to help the diet, so the government should have one thing less to worry about, essentially.


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