Your donation will help Food banks around the worldHow to help Welcome to the World Wide Web AlimentosBanking®FoodBanking Global Network® (GFN) is an international non-profit organization that fights hunger in the world by creating, supporting and strengthening food banks around the world, in countries outside the United States.FOOD BANK

Currently, we work in more than 30 countries, where more than a quarter of almost 800 million hungry people in the world live.4 Food Bank Trends  The 11th Annual Institute of Food Banking Leadership H-E-B / GFN equips the hungry fighters with new tools to help those who need Continue reading →  Meet the new chairman of the GFN Council, Alan Gilbertson Continue reading →  Enterprise Rent-A-Car is associated with GFN and FareShare to fight hunger in the UK Continue reading →  GFN Announces New Management on Board Continue reading →

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