Game of thrones season 7 episodes:

The premiere was the first night of the first seven new episodes, below the usual 10.

Fans on the six sections only more to look forward, with the final feature scheduled to air on Monday, August 28th.

To make up for a shorter race, mGAME OF THRONES SEASON 7 EPISODESany of the episodes we have extended execution times, with the end of the season reaching a feature film – 81 minutes.

The cast has joked that the epic nature of the story means they have spent the same amount of shooting time as they usually do for a period of 10 hours.

“Season seven has more ambition and there are fewer episodes this year, where we spent more money on those episodes,” said Kate Harrington, who plays John Snow. “It’s all happening now.”


Here is a full list of the episodes alongwith their running time:

Episode 1 – Dragonstone: 59 minutes only
Episode 2 – Stormborn: 59 minutes only
Episode 3 – The Queen’s Justice: 63 minutes only
Episode 4 – 50 minutes only
Episode 5 – 59 minutes only
Episode 6 -71 minutes only
Episode 7 – 81 minutes only

The new season’s premieres in the US conducted on Sunday July 16 on HBO.

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