1. Males do not collect pollen or nectar, do it clean or do anything. All he does is mate with the queen.
  2. The queen can lay eggs for the rest of her life without mating again, with one frequency every 20 seconds. It will slow down your egg production in the end, once done, the secondary bees will surround you and choke you, then throw your corpse out of the cell.
  3. Each bee colony can accommodate up to 80,000 bees during the busy flowering season.
  4. Once in Queen’s life, she will fly to the “drone congregation area” and mate with up to 20 ┬ádrones. Malicious enough males to be lucky the genitals will be torn from their bodies when they are mating, and then fall on their death.
  5. Each colony has one queen – the only female that has evolved sexually into the colony – whose main function is to lie down with male “drones” in the colony and lay eggs.


It is a brutal cycle of life, where all bees play a specific role and demand. But the full life and death of bees centered on the drive to create something special sweet: honey, the only processed food of nature and the most important product of colonial life.

Honey as diet:

Our diet depends on honey: modern agriculture would be practically impossible without bees pollinating thousands of plant species around the world. Real raw honey, pristine, tasty honey that is not cooked to death and poured into plastic Honey Bear is one of the most historic ingredients in the human diet.


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