Forecasters said the National Hurricane Center in their evening consultancy 11 storm winds reached 160 miles per hour. The storm is located about 440 km south-southeast of Kingston, west on 7 mph. And it found a hurricane hunter plane Friday night gusts higher, with hurricane force winds extending 45 miles from the center when.

The storm is the first Cat 5 in the Atlantic Ocean since fallen Hurricane Felix in Nicaragua in 2007.

3-D look to it rains inside the hurricane Matthew Upgrade NASA released a 3-D images of Hurricane Matthew development of a tropical storm to a hurricane.

NASA agency

Facing Jamaica, forecasters Matthew could dump up to 20 inches of rain in parts of the mountainous island, which increases the risk of serious landslides warned. Forecasters warned the storm was likely to remain strong cat 4 storm when it reaches eastern Cuba. Haiti can also feel dangerous winds and heavy rains that began on Sunday. Both Jamaica and Haiti would provide up to 25 inches of rain in some places.


Jamaica’s government issued a hurricane hour, with forecasters warning that tropical storm winds could hit the island on Sunday. And issued a tropical storm to the south west coast of Haiti, and the limits of the Dominican Republic to Port-au-Prince.

Friday night bulletin for the provinces of Camaguey in central Cuba and Guantanamo, Cuba also issued on the eastern tip of the island. Caution urged residents to be on alert and advice to enable the defense in those provinces. State agencies have also begun to implement preparedness plans for disasters.

The director Rick Knabb National Hurricane Center Friday, both in Florida next week takes the hit is still too uncertain to call, but we must remain vigilant in the population.

“Because these models vary greatly on what should be, I said to the people during the weekend, you do not want to ignore,” he said.

He said at the weekend is also a time to prepare, “We are living this problem [too], and that’s what we’re going to do this weekend. We will check our supply.,” He said. “We will invite people to find out if you live in an evacuation zone are things now so that falling in the moment does not end Last. ”

During the last day, and increased wind speeds in the storm about 83 miles per hour in more than 24 hours only. This increase came in spite of the wind shear stiffness – high winds that generally stifles hurricanes – blowing at 23 miles per hour.

The storm continued to move west, is expected to slow down during the night and Saturday. You must begin to shift to the north, northwest Saturday, near Jamaica on Sunday.

It is installed computer models which divide earlier on the future path of the storm on track for three days the West a little earlier than expected. At the end of Monday or Tuesday morning, the storm crossing the eastern tip of Cuba and head to the Bahamas, but meteorologists warned that the models are much less reliable for predicting more than three days in advance, with a margin of error of up to 175 miles in four days.

“We have this thing in the north, but it can be left or right. We do not want the weekend radar file this thing anyone since Monday, it could be a very different storm than what we have now,” he said a spokesman for the Meteorological Centre hurricanes Dennis Feltgen . “It is the tug in the atmosphere of the war in the coming days and will have a significant impact on any of this stuff happens.”

With such storms, can sense the strong wind and rain in all parts of Jamaica, with possible flooding in the capital, Kingston, director of the National Weather Service Evan Thompson said. Perhaps Matthew dump 10 to 15 inches of rain, with some areas getting 25 inches, raising the risk of landslides dangerous. In 2005, it caused the back-to-back hurricanes nearly $ 1 billion in damage and left 440 homes were destroyed or damaged.

On Friday, it has been active in the country’s emergency operations center. He called on Prime Minister Andrew Holness an emergency meeting with the House of Representatives to go in preparedness efforts.

Vulnerable in Haiti, you can even brush Matthew have serious consequences. Floods and landslides occur regularly only with heavy rains. In 2012, Sandy has killed at least 52 people. Floods have damaged 10,000 houses in February.

So far, it Has been blamed for the death of Matthew at least one: a boy at the age of 16 years crushed rock in Saint Vincent in the Eastern Caribbean on Wednesday when he tried to clear the drain banned.

The last major hurricane to make landfall in Jamaica Gilbert in 1988, according to forecasters at Colorado State University Phil Klotzbach. And Gilbert was the most intense hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean until Wilma won in 2005.

Experts say meteorologist Matthew remains strong storm at least until Monday. Forecasters expect the storm near the Bahamas on Tuesday, but says uncertainty about exactly where the storm hits is still high.

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