Moon Eclipse:

This August of 2017 the full moon eclipse will occur on August 7, but the big news for August will be when the new moon occurs later this month. On August 21, 2017 the new moon will lead to the total eclipse of the moon will be visible from many parts of the United States.

In August the moon known as ”The Sturgeon Moon for the fish”  found in the Great Lakes Americans. Other Indian tribes  termed it according to the crops that became ripe at this time of summer such as the Corn Moon, Fruit Moon and Grain Moon.

Eclipse in Major cities:

Local date+Time in August 2017 for full moon eclipse in major cities like:

  • Los Angeles,San Francisco,Vancouver
    Date:August 07th
    At”=11:10 am (PDT)
  • Denver,Salt Lake City,Calgary
    Date:August 07th
    At= 12:10 pm (MDT)
  • Chicago,Houston,San Antonio
    Date:August 07,
    At=01:10 pm (CDT)
  • New York,Toronto,Atlanta
    Date:August 07,
    At=02:10 pm (EDT)
  • London,Manchester,Dublin
    Date:August 07,
    At=07:10 pm (GMT/BST)
  • Paris,Rome,Berlin
    August 07,
    08:10 pm (CEST)
  • Athens,Istanbul,Helsinki
    Date:August 07,
    At=09:10 pm (EEST)
  • Dubai,Abu Dahbi,Muscat
    Date:August 07,
    At=10:10 pm (GST)
  • Bangalore,Mumbai,New Delhi
    Date:August 07,
    At=11:40 pm (IST)
  • Singapore,Kuala Lumpur
    Date:August 08,
    At=02:10 am (SGT)
  • Perth,Hong Kong,Beijing
    Date:August 08,
    At=02:10 am (WST)
  • Sydney,Brisbane,Melbourne
    Date:August 08,
    At=04:10 am (EST).

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