“We are thrilled at the prospect of Raed Salah, head of white helmets, and Khaled Khatib, joining us on the red carpet at the Oscars.” The most inspirational humanitarian workers we knew we would never and this is the greatest honor of sharing a global platform where their work is unbelievable to be recognized. They are still not in the territory of the United States, and we are waiting for your Arriving in tense anticipation.In these turbulent times, his story is one of the most emotional of our generation.We are ready to welcome you. “

Khaled Said al-Khatib, a white national and active Syrian helmet, who is the director of photography for the documentary and was invited by the filmmakers to attend the Oscars, said he planned to attend as well. “I intend to travel to Los Angeles for the Oscars, where the film was nominated for a prize. If we win this award, it will show people everywhere in Syria that people from all over the world will support them. Value for every volunteer who wakes up every morning to run about the bombs. “


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