Charmaine became Obaid Chinoy, on Sunday, the first Pakistani to win two Oscars.

Charmaine won the best short documentary film Girl on the river: the price of forgiveness in the Academy Awards 88. The documentary sheds light on honor killings in Pakistan in the aftermath of the story of a teenager shot in the face by his family.

“This is what happens when you gather some women,” as he accepted the golden statue.

The issue of honor crimes gain traction if the film won the Oscar: Sharmeen Obaid

Shinui in his speech praised “all the brave men out there, like my father and my husband, who pay women to go to school, work, and who want a more just society for women.”

Director also took to Facebook to announce that “Pakistan, we won only our second win an Oscar!”
In 2012, slaves as history by winning an Oscar for her documentary to save face in the 84th edition of the Oscars in 2012, the first Oscar of Pakistan.

Charmaine Obaid-Chinoy mixed with Hollywood VIP Oscar lunch:

After meeting with Shinui recently in Islamabad, Sharif said in a statement promised “to rid Pakistan of this disease with the appropriate legislation.”

She earlier told AFP that winning the Oscars would create momentum for change ceremony.

“I think that if the film won an award from the Academy, and then the issue of honor killings, which affects women not only in Pakistan but affects women all over the world, and really win traction,” he said.

Girl in the river tells the story of Saba, 19, who was beaten, shot and thrown into the river after he ran away to marry her boyfriend, her family had agreed at the outset and then decide was very bad.

Survivors of honor crimes are rare and the film offers a glimpse of the hard pain – physical and emotional – suffered Saba, and its extraordinary failure in the end to see his father and his uncle were convicted.

She was beaten, hit in the face and threw her in a burlap sack in the river.

At the last moment, she tends her head, which means that the bullet graze his cheek instead of breaking his skull. Somehow managed to stick to the bushes and removed from the water. He went to the police and the hospital.

Sharmeen Obaid will display the “girl in the river,” the PM House on Monday.

Charmaine, who read about the test one morning in the newspapers, followed and filmed the story of Saba for eight to nine months in 2014.

In Pakistan, a loophole in the law allows for perpetrators of so-called honor crimes unscrupulous Already forgiven by his family.

Saba seeks conviction at first, but eventually gives way under the pressure of his brother and the elders of the community, who say it is best to resolve the hostility leave in distress. Charmaine wants to change that.

Organized by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif screening of the film in Islamabad last week, and promised to reveal to Pakistan crime by tightening legislation.


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