Astronomers say hundreds of meteors will spread across the sky on a screen that can be seen all over the world.
Meteor shower Percys occurs every July and August as the Earth passes the comet wreck of Swift Totle.
The BBC’s weather center said it would reach its peak from 23:00 GMT on Saturday and could be seen in much of the UK.
However, experts say that the Farsids can be difficult to see this year, the moon will be three quarters of the total.
Robin Skagel, vice president of the People’s Astronomy Association, said he still hoped for a good show.
“We can expect a decent show, even if it will not rain from the sky.
“The Farsides can be very bright and often very spectacular, and some meteors are a slow meteorite, but we are moving towards a stream of percys to get going fast.
“I think in a good state we can see one or two in a minute, probably more Sunday morning than Saturday.”
But he said astronomers might need some luck, adding: “You can not see anything for a few minutes and then two or three.
“You may have luck or bad luck, that is how it is with meteors.


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