-3-Time Raiders

Total: RMB1,004 million

In the summer of disappointing national films, this movie was action-adventure fiction, and one of the bright lights. Launched by me see the pictures, the film is based on the successful series novel Daomu Baiji (cemetery records), which has already generated successful TV series alike. Young stars Luo Han Jing Boran, as well as the veil of Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat, to ensure that time invaders attract young people – especially important as the film attacked by critics.

-2-From Vegas to Macau III
201612 / themanfrommacau3.jpg

Total: RMB1,118 million

Creator has found a 1980 Hong Kong franchise of the movie God of Players revival of life in this franchise updated. Stars Chow Yun-Fat charming shark card (until regaining his personality and creator of God of veil players), while the action-packed action comedy with Hong Kong star cameos, such as Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung and Carina Lau (With a K Hosni psychological star also show). While the Macao in the series may lack the bite of the original satire, it has become a true Mainland Chinese tradition Spring Festival – the three films were the second major temporary hit in the last three years of finishing Only behind the movie Monkey King, a Steven Chu movie or in the case in the next year, the movie monkey king Stephen Chow.


201612 / operationmekong.jpg

Total: RMB1,184 million

Hong Kong-winning Dante Lam Prize Task Manager (Beast Stalker) teaches him kinetic for this film inspired by the Mekong River, a killing crime – an incident in 2011 that took place in Chiang Rai Province, where death Of 13 Chinese crew of two cargo ships of Myanmar drug trafficking network. Zhang Hanyu and Eddie Peng elite drug superstar as officials sent by the Chinese government in the golden triangle to discover the truth behind the murders and lead a multi-governmental Joint working group to end the notorious drug cartel leader Behind everything.

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