Nothing gets the adrenaline we’re left with as a simple drive of a good old job – whether the heroes go “dhishoom dhishoom” bare hands or “rat and a ta-ta-mutual” with their Bollywood weapons motion pictures, In particular, in addition to spices with creativity and relevant bad words and “gaalis.” Paying homage to this genre, we bring you the top 5 Bollywood action films of all time.

1. Ghayal (1990)
Bollywood Action Movies — Ghayal

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When it comes to action movies, not including Sunny Deol movies will be a sacrilege! He was one of the greatest action heroes of the 1990s – already after winning the Filmfare “Betaab” award. “Ghayal” is about revenge on a man against a man evil deeds that destroyed his family and fight against the legal system, which is also bad for helping the average citizen.

2. Company (2002)
Bollywood-action-movie company —

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E Introduction to L’d ‘, and praised RGV “Company” worldwide as a masterpiece that followed the courageous leaders of the underground organized crime mafia in India. The murder and animosity and dirty language that put the dark world of gangsters on the screen in cold blood, “the company” saw some brilliant performances by Ajay Devgan and Vivek Oberoi.

3. Sholay (1975)
Bollywood Action Movies — Sholay

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Undoubtedly, ‘Sholay’ will always be on every list are constantly clicking on the best Bollywood Action. The two young men set out to avenge a retired policeman, setting to detain Jabbar – Singh and notorious dacoit that cause discomfort to the villagers of the town regularly deceives. It was rooted in the action sequences in the movie to the memory of all children – and this is what the magic of ‘Sholay’ is all about.

4. Rakht Charitra (2010)
Bollywood Action Movies — Rakht-Charitra

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Rakht Charitra is a biopic about the political leader of the crime Andhra Paritala Ravindra. Narrator starts from the tone of the film with the idea of ​​”Rakta politics” or “Politics of the blood. Designation of the action sequences and violence of the film in the highest bar for films and other movement. Political competition, resorting to violence to stay ahead of the game and murder in broad daylight – if this is not a movie a great play, and we do not know what it is.


Shootout at Lokhandwala (2007)
Bollywood action movies — shooting at the Kandouala

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The novel Oprova Lakhia from 1991 begins Kandouala another film that prompted to shine Vivek Oberoi as a compound of negative character. One usually tends to underestimate it – but as the Mayas, and Mumbai bands, gave a convincing performance. In addition, with the introduction of the actual incident of a shootout between gang members and policemen, and to make the film in Cannes surely must be the winner.

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