Beauty of nature is a universal truth. Few countries have worth seeing sights. There are some countries in which there is no need for visa to enter such countries. In such countries visitors enter and they receive the permeation for stay.

We rely entirely on a healthy natural environment for our wealth and well-being. It is fundamental to our economy, our social structures, our homes and our neighborhoods, our ability to create and build things, our health and happiness. Humans are part of the natural world. We are kind of among millions and our evolution to be part of nature, not far from it.


While millions of people regularly watch television programs about nature and wildlife, membership of conservation organizations is growing, but they really need more support to help wildlife in the future. Legislation for the protection of nature has become more abundant, and the area of ‚Äč‚Äčland cultivation (and the sea recently) has been called special However, wildlife and wildlife have been shrinking in quantity and quality for decades, and they continue to do so. The high value people usually attribute to nature on a personal and individual level is rarely reflected in public policies or investment and spending decisions by the government, private organizations, and companies.

Wildlife boxes (Tots) are working in communities throughout the UK to create live landscapes and live safe seas, to make wildlife places richer, bigger, better and more united. This will provide a long-term future for the natural plant, animal and natural communities in which we share these islands and the surrounding seas, and increase the capacity of the natural environment to provide value to people now and in the future. We are working to help nature recover – for its own benefit and for the good people who depend on it. We do not just want to stop or stop the decline: we want to reverse.


If we are to succeed in this, these living landscapes and living seas will finally spread, then a much larger part of the community must be inspired to take action by nature, able to sense and understand how valuable this nature is to us and to the communities.

The nature of things simply because it does, but also because it brings people immense emotional value, offers a wide range of valuable goods and services that are of practical utility to the community and have much emotional value and process that generates financial value thereby contributing to economic performance in the UK. Addressing many of the most pressing social and economic problems in the United Kingdom (such as reduced mental health, increased non-communicable diseases, reduced social cohesion, increased inequality, floods and increased urbanization) increased population life and aging).

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