So far I have learned about eight types of product opportunities and in the last chapter I have provided ten places where entrepreneurs will find ideas for new products. The wheels in the head should begin to turn at this point but many e-business entrepreneurs tend to overthink things and automatically distort their ideas. In this chapter, we show you how easy it can be to get to the initial product ideas and how to conduct a quick search so fast to determine if the products are worth considering more.

We are looking for the resources mentioned in the previous chapter and we chose ten products that we found interesting. As a quick test of product demand, we check all ideas from Google Trends. All ten product selection ideas have a strong upward trend in the market, which makes these products worthy of evaluation.

  • Pocket Squares:

Pocket yards also make the product concerned because it is relatively simple to produce. In addition, pocket yards, if properly placed can get some strong margins. With just a quick search, we can also see many brands charge more than $ 60 per unit.

  • Wood Sunglasses:

Wood framed sunglasses seem to be a fairly new product, but have seen steady growth of interest almost every year since its inception.

When looking at the direction chart, however, we can immediately see a warning sign that we should be aware of. Every year there was a very large decline, which is probably the seasonal work of sunglasses.

  • E-Cigarettes:

While E-Cigarette is an interesting product, it is a new market and a beginning to attract the attention of regulators. While it seems that there is a lucrative market right now, this market may become more difficult to enter and constrain in the coming years.

  • Refill for E-Cigarettes:

While looking for more information about electronic cigarettes, we decided to head to Reddit to see what people were saying about them. To our surprise, we found subreddit specially dedicated to creating its own unique mixes of liquid packs in electronic cigarettes.

As imagined, the growth trend of liquid e coincides with the growth of electronic cigarettes nearby. Gross growth seems strong and what are potential business opportunities.

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